Bunny and Clyde's chocolates are the product of true passion for chocolates
as well as months of rigorous taste testing.We're proud of our chocolates,
and we invite you to take part in our delight in them.
Here's what we offer so far:

Milk Chocolate-Covered Almonds

Our search for high quality milk chocolate covered almonds is what drove us to become chocolatiers in the first place. These chocolate candies are made with fresh quality roasted nuts and premium chocolate coating made using our very own recipe. The creamy chocolate coating melts smoothly in your mouth, revealing the toasty nut nestled within the candy. Not too sweet so you can savor the rich chocolate flavor.

Size: 3.5 oz per bag
* Whole roasted almonds
* Milk chocolate (sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, dry whole milk, lecith in as emulsifier, confectioner's glaze)




Dark Chocolate-Covered Almonds

There's a reason why dark chocolate-covered almonds are a classic treat for true chocolate lovers. The bittersweet flavor of dark chocolate beautifully complements the taste of roasted almond nuts. These candies are made only with fresh quality nuts. The dark chocolate coating is created with top-rate ingredients, using our very own recipe. Relish the richness of semisweet chocolate with a toasty nut nestled inside. It's truly indulgent.

Size: 3.5 oz per bag
* Whole roasted almonds
* Semisweet chocolate (sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, soy lecithin as emulsifier)
* Sugar
* Confectioners' glaze
* Gum arabic


Customized Tags

We can include customized tags for every bag of milk chocolate and dark chocolate covered almonds you order from us for free. This is one of the reasons why Bunny and Clyde chocolates are perfect as gifts or giveaways. You can put a tag on every bag that features your logo or any customized design you want. Just send us a PDF with your tag design, and we'll do the rest. Our chocolates are all about you.

We do bulk orders of 50 bags or more. The price is $10 per bag, custom-made tags included.

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