Bunny and Clyde Are Chocolates for Chocolate Lovers,
Made by Chocolate Lovers.  

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Have you ever experienced a craving for something so badly – that you can't find in any stores near you? Or maybe you find one but the flavor doesn't even come close to what you'd expect? Yep, it’s disappointing – and how you wish you could do a better version of it yourself! That is exactly how Bunny and Clyde chocolate covered almonds was brought to life. 

It all started with a mother and daughter’s love for milk chocolate covered almonds and how they couldn’t find the right one to satisfy their palate. Deneen King and her daughter Dakota, known as “Bunny” to friends and families, one day decided to follow their passion, and now they can share their love of exquisite tasting chocolate covered almonds. 

After months of testing – and a few pounds gained! – they finally came up with a chocolate recipe that perfectly suited their tastes. Not too sweet, and absolutely decadent. And so Bunny and Clyde was born. They created these chocolates because they wanted people like us, lovers of milk chocolate covered almonds, to be able to indulge in what we love without having to search long and hard for it.

Why "Bunny and Clyde"?

Its name was created in honor of two special people in Deneen King’s life: Bunny, her daughter, and Clyde, the name of Bunny’s late uncle and Deneen’s brother. The name also invokes the dynamism of the historic Bonnie and Clyde duo. 



Who are we?

Aside from her passion for Bunny and Clyde and for chocolates in general, Deneen King served as the Donor Relations Manager for Rosemary Anderson High School. She's a member of the Oregon Community Foundation's Leadership Council and the Janet E. Bowen Breast Cancer Foundation Board of Trustees. An active member of the community, she has also served on the Board of Trustees for: Oregon College of Arts and Crafts, Portland Opera, Oregon Ballet Theatre, and Portland Classical Chinese Garden.

As for Dakota, she's a sophomore at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts and graduated high school from Catlin Gabel in Portland, Oregon. She's an accomplished equestrian hunter/jumper rider with a passion for horses – and all animals.

Deneen and Dakota hope you love these chocolates as much as they do. Bunny and Clyde’s special recipe came from old cookbooks, modified and sampled in the basement, initially made for friends and families and, because people loved it, orders kept coming until they had to rent a kitchen to keep up with customers’ demands. 

Bunny and Clyde have a beautiful success story behind it, but what makes this story even more beautiful is Deneen and Dakota's passion for sharing their perfect recipe with those of us who love chocolate covered almonds as much as they do. You do not have to scour local stores and come out empty-handed and disappointed, Bunny and Clyde can make it for you. 

Here's to never having to search too hard for milk chocolate covered almonds anymore!

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